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Technical requirements


Supported browsers and operating systems for working with the course (as a student):

  • OS: Windows 7+, OS X 10.7+, Linux
  • Web browser: Chrome (except version 53), Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • Network connection speed: 3 Mbps


Unfortunately, at this time we cannot fully guarantee stable work with mobile devices, with beta versions of browsers (such as Edge on Win10), as well as with a number of outdated operating systems no longer supported by manufacturers, including Windows Vista and Windows XP.

We will try to expand the set of supported configurations as our project develops. Nevertheless, for the most comfortable work with the site we recommend to use the operating systems and browsers listed above.


For tests with online proctoring:

  • a personal computer: desktop, laptop or netbook;
  • web browser: the latest stable version of Google Chrome;
  • CPU: Intel i3 1.2 GHz or the equivalent;
  • webcam resolution: 640x480;
  • webcam frame rates: 15 fps;
  • display resolution: 1280x720;
  • network connection speed: 3 Mbps;
  • available disk space: 100 MB;
  • free RAM: 1 GB.

The exact technical requirements depend on the specific proctoring system used.

The user checks by herself/himself the correctness of his/her PC in conjunction with the online proctoring system. If there are any difficulties, the student reports the problem immediately upon discovery, no later than one hour after the scheduled start of the first test with identity verification.