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Reuse and Recycling of Components of Solar Panels

Кафедра инженерной защиты окружающей среды
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


The course is about structure of solar modules, their types, supporting structures and wiring and electromechanisms that ensure the operation of the module. The second part deals with the maintenance that the modules require: regular and due to malfunctions. The main types of module failures are considered and why they can occur, how to avoid them. The course discusses the basic concepts of a circular economy, the legal framework, the principles of recycling and disposal. Ecological aspects of solar panels are considered. The impact of panel’s production on the environment. Analysis of the life cycle of a solar panel and its impact on the environment. The possibilities of recycling the components of solar panels, the main trends and modern technologies are considered. Environmental management of companies, which will enable the transition to non-waste production and its main tools. The solar panels in the concept of a circular economy and the current state of the solar panel waste industry are considered.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of the course, the student is able to:

  • Know the structure of the solar panel, the principle of operation and design of the solar panel and how to use them and typical damage during operation.
  • Know the basic foundations of a circular economy and the main tools of environmental management.
  • Know modern technologies for recycling solar panel.

Students must complete:

  • midterm exams;
  • final exam.

Course results are evaluated by a rating system.


  • 20.03.01 - Technosphere safety
  • Prerequisites

    The course is designed for masters of the second year of study in the specialty «Technosphere Security», who have mastered the basic courses of physics, mathematics, information technology.

    Course Staff

    Rafael Jiménez Castañeda

    Rafael Jiménez Castañeda

    Dr. in Engineering, Associate professor in Cadiz University

    María Rocío Rodriguez-Barroso

    María Rocío Rodriguez-Barroso

    PhD in Chemical Engineering, Associate professor in Cadiz University

    Irina Vezhenkova

    Irina Vezhenkova

    PhD in Biological Sciences, Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering ETU «LETI» for academic work

    Maria Stepanova

    Maria Stepanova

    Assistant of the Department of Environmental Engineering ETU «LETI»

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      8 hour per week
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